Franz Stefanik

I learned about Franz Stefanik through the crazy B9 message board. There has been a tattoo thread on the board for quite sometime, and I began to notice some of the people that posted on there posting these awesome tattoos by some dude named “Franz.” After lurking the thread for sometime, and seeing some more of his tattoos, I quickly googled Franz and was able to check out some pictures of his work. I was instantly enamored with his tattoos and some of the work that I saw. After learning that Franz tattoos only about two and a half hours from me at Anchors Tattoo Studio in Burlington, ON, I quickly messaged him and set up an appointment to get something done. This would be my first time getting tattooed with him, but it definitely wouldn’t be my last.

For those that have not seen Franz’s work before, he has quite a unique style. I don’t know if this is the best way to describe his work, but for me his seems to be traditional-American with a slight cartoony aspect to it. Now, by no means is this a knock on his work, and is probably not doing his work justice, but that’s just the only way I can really describe it. He definitely has a style that you can tell it’s his work when you see it. He uses very thick, bold lines, with rich shading, and he likes to stick with red, green, and yellow for colors. He’ll throw some blue in from time to time, and he also likes using brown or a slight orangy kind of color for lady tattoos. I have seen a few black and gray tattoos done by him, but not too many. Here’s some of his tattoos:

I recently was tattooed by Franz, which would be my second time getting tattooed by him. I was definitely very happy with how my tattoo turned out, and really enjoyed the whole experience of getting tattooed by him. Franz is a really laid-back, cool dude, so getting tattooed by him is definitely fun. Each time he’s tattooed me, he’s been really easy to talk to, and we’ve usually talked about music and tattoos. With my last visit, Franz and Co. sent me on my way with a bag of Fred Ferkel’s (do yourself a favor and try this candy if you have not done so. You’ll be blown away just like I was), one of those costume tattoo sleeves, a print, and something else that I can’t remember. My girlfriend and I also ate this amazing Indian food that’s right next door to the shop, and it was scrumtralescent. It took forever to get the food, but apparently it’s all cooked from scratch and was fucking delicious. Without a doubt,  I will definitely be getting more tattoos from Franz in the future, and hopefully will be getting something done by him next month.

Follow Franz on Tumblr. Check out his Facebook as well. Franz is going to be in Salt Lake City, UT March 6-8 at Heart of Gold Tattoo, Scotland at Lab Monkey Tattoo from April 23rd to April 26th, then out in London at Wood street Tattoo from April 28th to May 1st. Do yourself a favor and get tattooed by this crazy Canuck.


About Our Endless Days

I am an avid traditional tattoo enthusiast that enjoys the rich culture, history, and art of tattoos. At this point in time, I'm slowly but surely adding to my tattoos.
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