Chad Koeplinger

I’m currently watching the Yankees play the Pirates. Pineda’s velocity was hitting 94, which is good, but he did only go three innings of a scheduled four inning outting and gave up a two run homer to Andrew McCutchen.  He threw too many pitches in the first, but settled in during the second and third inning. I know it’s only Spring Training, but I’m way too into baseball. Anyway, let’s talk about tattoos. Tonight I decided that I’d write about Chad Koeplinger. Chad’s place of business is currently Tattoo Paradise in Washington D.C., but if you watched the interview I posted of Chad of few weeks ago, you know that the dude pretty much lives like a nomad. If you follow his Twitter, you already know how often this dude travels. I’ve gotta say that I am truly envious of anyone that is able to travel the world like he does. I’m not sure I’d like to constantly live on the road as much as him, but I wish I had the ability to travel and see as much of the world as Mr. Koeplinger has.

In term’s of Chad’s work, he’s definitely on another level. His tattoos maintain what you’d expect to see when looking at a traditional tattoo, however, Chad has no problem with putting his own twist on a classic design, using lots of colors, and possibly even throwing in some symmetrical triangles and shapes. As I mentioned when I posted his interview with Scott Sylvia, Chad stated that Greg Christian had a huge influence on his current style, which is something that I think you can definitely see when you compare the work of each individual. Here’s some of Chad’s work:

Without a doubt, Chad is definitely one of my top favorite tattoos. He seems like a really cool guy, and his tattoos are some of the best I’ve seen. If you want to get tattooed by him, your best bet would most likely be following him on his Twitter and seeing if he’s going to be coming to your area. You could always try messaging him on his Facebook, and checking out when he’ll be back at Tattoo Paradise.  Chad was in Syracuse last summer, but I was in NYC the same time and couldn’t get tattooed by him. Definitely sucked. Next time he’s anywhere within driving distance of me, I’ll definitely be making the trek. If you have the opportunity, get tattooed by Chad. Thanks for reading and have a good night.


About Our Endless Days

I am an avid traditional tattoo enthusiast that enjoys the rich culture, history, and art of tattoos. At this point in time, I'm slowly but surely adding to my tattoos.
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6 Responses to Chad Koeplinger

  1. sorry i meant snake vs tiger.

    • That is an image of battle royal, which is a very classic traditional tattoo design. I got the picture from Chad’s twitter. It’s been done by many tattooers past and present. Both look very similar, but they’re still different. Either way, both are rad.

  2. Can you show (link) me another example of of battle royal?

  3. Thanks man, but don’t you think Chad copied Boltz on that piece? That representation of “Battle Royal” is signature Steve Boltz art.

    • They are definitely very similar, not denying it. Both are very respected tattooers, so I highly doubt one stole the design from the other. I was thinking that maybe one of them shared a piece of flash with the other, which is why they’re so similar. I honestly can’t tell you why both are so similar. That would have to be something you’d have to ask Steve Boltz and Chad Koepllinger.

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