Bailey Hunter Robinson

Sadly, I didn’t ending up going to see Converge tonight. Instead, my lame ass has been lounging around my house like a goober, watching Seinfeld and the Knicks. With that said, let’s talk about tattoos. Tonight I’m going to be talking about Bailey Hunter Robinson. Bailey Robinson currently tattoos out of a private studio in Williamsburg, NY.  Bailey is one of my favorite current tattooers, and I’m kicking myself that I’ve yet to be tattooed by him. He regularly puts out tattoos that always put me in awe whenever I see them. His blog and Tumblr are two great sites to follow.

If you’ve never seen any of Bailey’s work, he has an excellent style. His style is one that features many of the traditional imagery that you may be accustomed to seeing when looking at traditional tattoos, but he produces tattoos that have a different kind of traditional look from, say, the dudes at Smith St. Tattoo Parlour. As Bailey says in the article Inside the Studio of Bailey Hunter Robinson by Michael Williams:

I do a very specific style of tattooing; a pre-1930s true Americana or old English style.” he said. “Back then the outlines were a little thinner, there was much more detail. It was clunky, but it wasn’t cartoon looking — there was something a little bit rendered about it. I’m not so much the 1940s New York tough guy tattooer, I’ve always been much more of a 1910s carnival tattooer…this sort of weirdo, not a tough guy.

I love that he compares himself, and his work, to that of the carnival folk/culture that traditional tattooing is so deeply rooted in.  Tattooers like Captain Don Leslie, Tom Riley, Paul Rogers, and Percy Waters-all of which were either traveling tattooers with circus’ or tattooed many of the famous tattooed circus folks-heavily influenced/molded traditional tattooers that would shape modern tattooing in America. Before I steer too far off topic, check out some of Bailey’s work:

Some of these I’ve posted before, but they’re too good not to repost. Anyway, if you’d like to get tattooed by Bailey Hunter Robinson, you’re going to have to email him to set up an appointment. You can find his email here.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your night.

 Edit: I’m taking out that video. I forgot to mention that Bailey is one of the contributing tattooers that took part in the Milton Zeis: Tattooing As You Like It book, redrawing some of Milton Zeis’ flash. Preorders for the book are up now, so go and order one!


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I am an avid traditional tattoo enthusiast that enjoys the rich culture, history, and art of tattoos. At this point in time, I'm slowly but surely adding to my tattoos.
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