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I just came across this video, and I’m so glad that I did. I was planning on going to the library tomorrow to take out Stoney Knows How:Life as a Sideshow Tattoo Artist, and, as fate would have it, I found this video posted in a message board-how serendipitous.

Stoney seemed like he was an absolute character and really lives up to stories I’ve read/heard about him. Take 30 minutes of your time and watch this video; there are several great things that you’ll see if you do so-1) You get to see a very young Ed Hardy shoot the breeze with Stoney 2) You get to see Stoney tattoo 3) The tattoo Stoney puts on Ed Hardy is really awesome.

Coincidentally, this documentary seems to be put out by a company called Ethnoscope, which is based out of Rochester, NY. I had no clue, but I think that’s pretty cool. The link up at the top will direct you to the website that hosts the video. You’ll also find a nice, brief summary about Stoney and his life on there as well. Make sure to read it. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the video!


About Our Endless Days

I am an avid traditional tattoo enthusiast that enjoys the rich culture, history, and art of tattoos. At this point in time, I'm slowly but surely adding to my tattoos.
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One Response to Stoney Knows How

  1. lanusse says:

    seriously one of my favorite videos. from stoney one liners to how he just free hands the rose and then rat (on ed). all awesome. thanks for posting. everyone should see this at least once.

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