Tattoo Culture Magazine

If you follow TAM  online, via Instagram, or really any tattooer on Instagram, you’re probably already well aware of the impending release of Tattoo Culture Magazine. I’m going to take the lazy route and copy what their website says about the magazine:

Tattoo Culture Magazine represents the authentic voice of the tattoo industry, developed from the inside out by the true experts of the tattoo world, the tattooers! TCM is the collaborative effort of Tattoo Artist Magazine and professional tattooers from around the world for the purpose of Entertaining, Inspiring and Educating tattoo fans worldwide. What we have created together is truly distinctive in the tattoo media marketplace and, (in the opinion of our partners and artists ubiquitously), something long overdue- a serious and respectable publication for the entire tattoo culture, built by the tattoo community itself!

I’m excited to see where this goes. According to their Tumblr, some of the participating tattooers for the first issue include Jeff Gogue, Mike Rubendall, Freddy Negrete, Valerie Vargas, Robert Ryan, Nick Baxter, Gunnar Lucero, Guen Douglas, and still more. I think this magazine has the potential for some great reading, and is a great idea. Follow and support these guys. It’s nice to see a new outlet, produced by tattooers, that is a conscious effort to educate individuals, especially when there is so much garbage out there miseducating people about quality tattoos.

About Our Endless Days

I am an avid traditional tattoo enthusiast that enjoys the rich culture, history, and art of tattoos. At this point in time, I'm slowly but surely adding to my tattoos.
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