My CPU is a neural net processor; a learning computer.

I’ve got some good news and some bad news to drop on you folks. First, the bad news. The attack began at 6:18 PM, just as he said it would…Judgment Day. Skynet became self-aware, and began taking hold of my computer. I didn’t have enough Random Access Memory to beat back the assault, nor did my encrypted passwords do anything to halt this process. The hack broke through my firewall, disrupted my hard drive, and caused my motherboard to malfunction. A pretty grim state of affairs.

In all seriousness, my computer is currently toast and in the process of being repaired, which is why I haven’t made a post since the beginning of the week. It’s probably going to be about a week or two before I’ve got that sucker back, so my posts will be non-existent until then. When all is said and done, hopefully I’ll have T-1000 on my side this time. Thankfully, my lovely girlfriend, Danielle, was kind enough to let me use her computer for this post.

As for the good news, there’s several things to discuss. First, I was in the process of attempting to expand the list of tattooers that I currently have cataloged. If you’ve noticed, I’ve changed the name of the Tattooer by State page to North American Tattooers in effort to put on that list tattooers that are not just in America. I will also be adding tattooers from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world, so keep a look out for those changes. As has been done in the past-something that I’m quite appreciative and thankful for-feel free to leave me comments/messages/emails of any tattooers that you feel should be listed.

Additionally, I have several interviews in the framework, as well as some other cool shit coming down the pipeline that I’m quite excited about. Once my shitball computer is good to go, hopefully I can provide you ladies and gents with some more information in regards to that.

Until then, night, night, keep ya butthole tight.

About Our Endless Days

I am an avid traditional tattoo enthusiast that enjoys the rich culture, history, and art of tattoos. At this point in time, I'm slowly but surely adding to my tattoos.
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One Response to My CPU is a neural net processor; a learning computer.

  1. dave voegeli says:

    man….sucks about your cpu….hope everything gets sorted soon!!!

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