I am an avid traditional tattoo enthusiast that enjoys the rich culture, history, and art of tattoos. At this point in time, I’m slowly but surely adding to my tattoos. I currently reside in good, old Rochester, NY.

If you have any questions, would like to tell me I’m a goon or bother me, feel free to email me at ourendlessdays3@gmail.com.

14 Responses to About

  1. Mel Noir says:

    Hey, I just stumbled across your site- how come I’ve never seen this before?! Keep it up man… but not too much, because I can’t afford to spend TOO much time here, as much as I would love to spend another hour or so reading through! 😉

    Mel Noir, TattoosdayUK.com

  2. Rob says:

    Seriously one of the best tattoo sites I ever came across! Must say my list of favorite tattoo artists expanded a lot since I first checked this blog 🙂 It also helped me a lot in choosing a tattooer for my next piece. Already have some ink from Steve and Eli from Smith Street, Javier Rodriguez, Younes Benfquih and Vinnie Stones, but I hope to get my left forearm done by Paul Dobleman or Stuart Cripwell. Thanks again for putting effort into this. Really cool stuff!

  3. Tyler says:

    Very nice compilation! Thanks for doing the good work.

  4. Ginger says:

    This site rules! I know an AMAZING Tattooer out of Colorado who does killer traditional work. Peter Slivkanch, he owns Blood and Iron tattoo. You have to check his work out! I’m surprised his work isn’t on the site yet.
    Here’s his shops facebook.


  5. Luke Holley says:

    Thanks for posting the interviews I did for Tattoo Artist Magazine at the London Convention. I am avid tattoo collector, and I do a bunch of tattoo related videos. If you get a chance check out my vimeo.com page.


    Thanks again,

    Luke T. Holley

  6. Dan Greer says:

    Hey mate

    Can u recommended any tattooist in Vancouver?

    Kind regards Dan

    Ur blog is awesome by the way

    • Thanks, man. There were some tattooers from Vancouver that I knew about, and I had to do a little research to find some others. Hopefully, this will help out. Here’s a list:

      Chris Hold and Jessy Albert Jr-Sacred Heart Tattoo
      Matt Houston and Mitch Kirilo-Gastown Tattoo Parlour
      Geoff McCann, Chad Woodley and Dax Brunet-Sanitary Electric Tattoo Co.
      Jeremy Riley-Tattoo Union
      Nick Wasco
      Pretty much everyone at Government St. Tattoo

      Hope this helps

  7. steven says:

    You need to check out Dana and Jason Brunson in Cincinnati. Designs by Dana, http://www.danatattoo.com

  8. fabian bidart says:

    hey my work has been blogged on your site before, would love it if you could feature some more of my recent tattoos. Please check out my tumblr.

  9. I am a long time fan of your site. I peep it out every morning when I have my coffee. I’ am also a huge fan of American Traditional Tattoos. I have many tattoos by many of the artists you feature. I’d like to ask you to take a look at something. My 3 sons (little guys) have started showing a huge interest in drawing flash. They just recently started up their own tattoo blog showcasing some of their original flash. I think some of it is awesome. It would make a really fun post on your site. Please consider it. http://www.BoysTattooClub.wordpress.com

    Thanks again for your blog. It is really well done.

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