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Scott Sylvia

After writing about Dave Voegeli sometime ago (I had written this at least a month ago and completely forgot that I saved this shit as a draft), I started thinking about who I would next want to write about but I … Continue reading

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Tattoo Culture Magazine

The wait is over. Tattoo Culture Magazine has officially dropped. I haven’t read through the whole issue. However, what I have read of it, I’ve been thoroughly impressed. I’ve gotten through Mike Rubendall and Valerie Vargas‘ interviews, so I still … Continue reading

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Why a Tattoo is Not a Painting, and a Painting is Not a Tattoo by Dawn Cooke

Here’s a great article from TAM’s blog by Dawn Cooke that I’d highly recommend individuals check out. It’s not very long, but it conveys the message all the same. I see posts all the time on Tumblr, Facebook, and on … Continue reading

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The Weekend of Thom deVita’s Popup Art Gallery

It was 2:00 PM on Friday Jan. 11. I had 30 minutes left before I was to leave work, and I needed to race and get as much done as possible. At 2:27, the lady was at my desk and … Continue reading

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Tattoo Culture Magazine

If you follow TAM  online, via Instagram, or really any tattooer on Instagram, you’re probably already well aware of the impending release of Tattoo Culture Magazine. I’m going to take the lazy route and copy what their website says about … Continue reading

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Ink Stories 3: Rodrigo Souto

Here’s the third segment of Ink Stories featuring Rodrigo Souto. If you remember, not too long ago I posted the first and second segments, which featured Daniel Ronson and Simon Erl, respectively. I’ve got to admit, before watching this video, … Continue reading

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Tattooing by Thomas Hooper

Despite the fact that Thomas Hooper doesn’t specialize in Traditional American tattoos, I still consider his work to be awe inspiring. He’s an immensely talented tattooer and artist, one that has become world renowned, and sits atop the upper echelon of tattooers … Continue reading

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